Large-Scale C++ Software Design. John Lakos

Large-Scale C++ Software Design

ISBN: 0201633620, | 870 pages | 22 Mb

Large-Scale C++ Software Design John Lakos
Publisher: Addison Wesley

May 3, 2013 - Dealing with a large codebase (in the order of a hundred million lines of code) changes the scale conversation significantly. Dec 9, 2012 - If #include dsp.h, but don't use anything from file2.h for example, does the compiler know? Oct 27, 2013 - Large Scale C++ Software Design (John Lakos) Lakos explains techniques to manage very big C++ software projects. It's filled with lots of good practices for everything from planning, to design, coding style, performance, debugging, and maintenance. Save up to £100 by booking your place this week. Jul 8, 2009 - Code Complete is an essential book for programmers who have learned how to program, but don't have as much experience with the complete software life cycle of full-scale projects. Massively parallel It first got serious attention when John Lakos published his book about Large-scale C++ systems. If you are looking to optimize build time, look at the book Large Scale C++ Software Design by John Lakos. Jul 23, 2008 - A successful software engineer knows and uses design patterns, actively refactors code, writes unit tests and religiously seeks simplicity. Certainly a good read, if it only was up to date. Whatever change you make to a core library affects virtually every single piece of software. Howard Deiner, who has applied the principles of Agile and XP development in teams both large and small is on the schedule for three sessions: Lean Thinking And What It Means To The Agile Mindset; Agility at Scale – Platform vs. Apr 30, 2014 - An event that brings together over twenty of the world's foremost experts on software design and development takes place in London next month. I recommend Lakos's Large Scale C++ Software Design. Jan 3, 2006 - 读书笔记(1) ------ 《大规模C++程序设计》(Large-Scale C++ Software Design ). Nov 19, 2013 - Data Mining is impacting Bosch's products and services in many domains: Purchasing, Predictive Maintenance, Health Informatics, Vehicle Diagnostics, Manufacturing, Large-Scale Simulations, etc. Beyond the basic In our recent post Reaching For The Sky Through Compute Clouds we talked about how commodity cloud computing is changing the way we deliver large-scale web applications.

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